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Over the last 25 years in the retail industry, we have developed lasting relationships with premium beauty brands and travel retailers all over the world.

About us

On the Mark Consultancy is more than just a distributor. We work with our brands and customers to offer the most innovative and on demand product portfolio in Travel Retail.

We offer full distribution, management, supply and consultancy to many Global Beauty brands and pride ourselves on achieving the highest results with our expert knowledge of the Travel Retail Sector.

Beauty is our Speciality, our brands are our partners and our customers at the heart of everything we do.

Want to know more? Please drop us a message we would be more than happy to discuss our exciting business with you.


Our services


Over 100 Airline listings globally. An expert knowledge and understand of airline supply & logistics.


Airport Retail listings throughout Europe. Offering supply, logistics, POS design and marketing for the worlds largest airports.


Working with the largest suppliers and retailers for Ferries & Cruise Ships. Offering full supply and logistics.


Meet the team

Mark Brewer

Mark Brewer

Founder & Managing Director

Katy Mason

Katy Mason

New Business Development Director



Logistics Manager

Alica Miremadi

Alica Miremadi

Digital Marketing and Accounts Executive

Tatia Hudson

Tatia Hudson

Account Manager


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On The Mark Consultancy Limited is a registered company in England number 09109849.

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